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Jack Krebs, Janith Norman and Jan Vick recall, Rio Vista, California, 2010

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An effort to Jack Krebs, Janith Norman and Jan Vick from their positions on the Rio Vista City Council was launched in May 2010.[1] The recall effort was ultimately abandoned.


Those who supported the recall were upset that Krebs, Norman and Vick voted to increase the city's water and sewer rates.

On January 1, 2009, water bills increased from $16.80 to $25.36 for single-family homes. On July 1, 2009, the bills rose again to $43.99, an increase of about 162%.

In 2009, sewer customers paid $36.15/month through September, but in September, their monthly rate was hiked to $51.60 for those using the Northwest wastewater treatment facility and to $77.36/month for those served by the Beach Wastewater Facility. The monthly rate for those served by the Beach facility will eventually go to $110.92/month.

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