James Williams Ayres

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James Williams Ayres is a member of the San Jacinto, California City Council.


Resignation call

The four of the five members of the San Jacinto City Council, Mayor Jimmie Dale Stubblefield, Jr., Vice Mayor John Mansperger, Ayres and James Walter Potts, were charged with 155-counts of criminal charges, including allegations of bribery, conspiracy and money laundering. District Attorney Rod Pacheco called the groups of charges the largest political corruption case in Riverside County history.

The case involved 56 felonies and 99 misdemeanors. In some instances, some of the defendants faced up to 20-plus years if convicted on all the charges against them. Also among the charged was Ayres' wife Nancy, a San Jacinto Unified School District board member. The one councilmember not indicted, Steve Di Memmo, called for the other four to step down.[1]

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