Jan Brewer recall, Arizona (2012)

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Two separate groups were involved in efforts to recall Jan Brewer from her position as governor of Arizona in 2012. The first effort was launched in November 2011, and the second in February 2012. Both efforts failed to garner enough signatures to make the ballot.[1] A previous recall effort was launched against Brewer in January 2011, but recall supporters failed to gather enough signatures by the submission deadline on May 28th, 2011.[2]

Recall supporters

Randy Parraz, president of Citizens for a Better Arizona, spearheaded the recall effort. Citizens for a Better Arizona was also behind the recall of former Arizona state senator Russell Pearce.[1] Leonard Clark also supported the recall of Brewer, and he took out recall paperwork on February 3rd, 2012.[3]

Path to the ballot

Parraz said his group was seeking citizen input in order to assess the viability of a recall effort.[4] To force a recall election, 424,021 signatures would have had to be turned in by June 2. Parraz said he would formally launch a recall campaign if 5,000 Arizona voters each committed to gathering at least 100 signatures.[4] Clark's petition would have required 432,021 voter signatures by June 2nd.

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