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Jeffrey Lamarand recall, Taylor, Michigan (2011)

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A vote about whether to recall Jeffrey Lamarand from his position as mayor of Taylor, Michigan, in Wayne County took place on the November 8, 2011 ballot

.[1] Lamarand was retained in his seat.[2]

Lamarand took office in 2009. His term expires in 2013. If he were to have been recalled, the city council would have appointed a replacement to fulfill the remainder of his term.[3]


Charley Johnson was a leader in the recall effort, which is organized into a group called "Take Back Taylor."[4] The reason stated on the petitions that were circulated calling for the recall gave as the primary recall motivation the fact that nine Taylor police officers were laid off in May. Johnson said, "The final straw was the termination of nine of our police officers. Terminated, fired or laid off, the bottom line is we have nine fewer police officers patrolling our streets."[1][5]

Lamarand says that of the nine laid-off officers, eight have returned to work and one accepted a job elsewhere. He also says, "We’ve been working to clean up a wide variety of messes left to us; Taylor’s financial woes are 30 years in the making. When I was elected mayor, there were no more free rides on the gravy train. Now they are trying anything. They want to take back Taylor and put it into the hands of those that have been robbing it blind for 30 years." Lamarand also pointed out that in 2010, he eliminated the city position of "master plumber" held by recall proponent Charles Taylor, which led to the re-assignment of Taylor to a city job that pays $18/hour plus city benefits, from a job that paid $25/hour plus city benefits.[5]

All together, since Lamarand took office in 2009, 61 employees have been laid off, while 331 employees remain on the city payroll.

Taylor has a population of 63,100.

Path to the ballot

4,218 signatures were submitted in order to qualify the recall question for the ballot.

Election results

  • Votes to recall Jeffrey Lamarand: 3,893 Defeatedd
  • Votes to retain Jeffrey Lamarand: 5,759

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