Jennifer Granholm recall, Michigan, 2010

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An effort to recall Gov. Jennifer Granholm was initiated in 2009 by prison guard Paul Piche. Three different attempts were made before the Ingham County Election Commission approved the petition language on September 17, 2009. The effort ultimately failed to reach the ballot.

The election commission voted 2-1 in favor of approving the recall petition language. According to the petition language, the recall process against Granholm was being initiated because she laid off 100 state police troopers and "jeopardized public safety" after releasing convicted felons. Previously the language was rejected because it was too "vague."[1]

Recall fails to make ballot

In order to place the recall on the ballot, recall supporters needed to collect a minimum of 950,000 signatures. Signatures had to be submitted 90 days from the day the petition language was approved.[1]

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