Jermaine Reed recall, Kansas City, Missouri (2012)

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An effort to recall Jermaine Reed from his elected position on the Kansas City, Missouri city council was launched in January 2012.[1] The recall effort was abandoned in June 2012 after recall organizers failed to submit sufficient signatures.[2] Reed, who represents the 3rd District, was elected to his position in May 2011.

Reasons for recall

Reed was criticized for not doing enough to stop the construction of a new crime lab in east Kansas City that will force about 60 residents to relocate. The project will require 100 houses to be removed. Reed was also called into question for a lack of experience and for the amount of time and tax dollars he has spent traveling. Recall supporter Revered L. Henderson Bell said, “People are complaining about being displaced and the young man said, to the people who are moving from their homes, being asked to move from their homes, he said, ‘Get over it’."[3]

Ameena Powell was a leader in the recall effort. Powell said, "I really didn't want it to come to that, but Jermaine's approach to managing the people that live there, he left us no alternative."[4]

Reed's response

In response to the recall efforts against him, Reed said, "I'm frankly not concerned about any recall effort. I am laser focused on addressing the needs and concerns of the citizens in the Third District and that is creating jobs and economic development opportunities."[1] Reed said he helped to negotiate compensation rates for affected homeowners that are up to 150% of the highest appraised values, and that the $57 million project will revitalize the area.[4]

Path to the ballot

1,633 signatures were needed to force a recall election. In June 2012, recall supporters turned in 667 valid signatures. Recall organizers had 10 days to gather additional signatures to meet the minimum threshold, but they only submitted an additional 400 signatures, which was insufficient to force a recall election.[2]

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