Jesse Ventura

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Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura.jpg
Governor of Minnesota
Former officeholder
In office
January 8, 1999 - January 6, 2003
PartyIndependence Party
PredecessorArne Helge Carlson (R)
Date of birthJuly 15, 1951
Place of birthMinneapolis, Minnesota
Personal website
Jesse Ventura (b. July 15, 1951, in Minneapolis, MN) was the 38th Governor of Minnesota. He served in this position from 1999 to 2003. Ventura was elected as a member of the Reform Party, but later left and reorganized the Minnesota Reform Party as the Independence Party.[1][2] Ventura announced his interest in a 2016 presidential run during an interview on January 30, 2014.[3]

On The Issues Vote Match

Jesse Ventura's Vote Match results from On The Issues.
See also: On The Issues Vote Match

On The Issues conducts a VoteMatch analysis of elected officials based on 20 issue areas. Rather than relying on incumbents to complete the quiz themselves, the VoteMatch analysis is conducted using voting records, statements to the media, debate transcripts or citations from books authored by or about the candidate. Based on the results of the quiz, Ventura is a Progressive Libertarian. Ventura received a score of 77 percent on social issues and 48 percent on economic issues.[4]

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The table below contains the results of analysis compiled by staff at On The Issues.

On The Issues Vote Quiz[5]
Economic Issues Social Issues
Issue Stance Issue Stance
Legally require hiring women & minorities Favors Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right Strongly Favors
Expand ObamaCare Opposes Comfortable with same-sex marriage Favors
Vouchers for school choice Opposes Keep God in the public sphere Opposes
Absolute right to gun ownership Opposes Human needs over animal rights Neutral
Higher taxes on the wealthy Strongly Opposes Stricter punishment reduces crime Opposes
Support & expand free trade Strongly Favors Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens Favors
Stricter limits on political campaign funds Favors Maintain US sovereignty from UN Unknown
Prioritize green energy Favors Expand the military Opposes
Stimulus better than market-led recovery Favors Stay out of Iran Strongly Favors
Privatize Social Security Neutral Never legalize marijuana Strongly Opposes
Note: Information last updated: 2014.[4] If you notice the rating has changed, email us.



During an interview with television host Larry King, Ventura explained, "If I run as an independent I will be a true independent The way public sentiment is right now, Larry - I mean I would run on this — I offer the people of America, I challenge them to elect the first president since George Washington, the father of our country, that doesn't belong to a political party. Imagine that. And I think the way it is today, you could win on that issue alone."[3]

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Political offices
Preceded by
Arne Helge Carlson (R)
Governor of Minnesota
1999 – 2003
Succeeded by
Tim Pawlenty (R)