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Jim Dyer

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Jim Dyer
Candidate for
Oregon State House District 25

Political party Democratic
Profession Retired, Department of Employment, Human Services Department, Labor
Website Campaign website
Jim Dyer was a Democratic candidate for District 25 of the Oregon House of Representatives. The primary election was on May 18, 2010 and the general election was on November 2, 2010.


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Dyer was defeated in the November 2 general election by incumbent Kim Thatcher (R).[1]


Campaign themes

Dyer's campaign website lists six main issues:

  • Education: "There will be even more of a disparity between the general funds available and the needs. Underfunding education is borrowing from the future. K-12 education is very important. So is education at the community college, college and university levels..."
  • Human Resources: "When the economy slows more people require social services. Local service agencies to the poor, elderly and disabled are often seen as a place to save money. They cannot be ignored. Again as with education we are borrowing from the future. It is a step backward from our current program to help people in their own homes. At the same time revenue from income taxes decline creating a greater problem to assist these people in their need.. "
  • Employees: "The biggest cost to state budgets is salary and wages of employees. We are seeing unpaid days off. This is an attempt to balance the budget on the backs of the workers. Admittedly, there may be need for layoffs. Careful review of administrative positions must also be made to determine if those often higher paid positions can be reduced during this downturn. But only after careful examination of programs and procedures to determine that essential services are not reduced to ineffective levels. "
  • Community: " Often our elected leaders decide what is best for the people in the community. Hear what their opinions are. There may be differences but hear before deciding. In some ways an elected official is like a judge and must look at the whole. In our current environment there is no easy solution. However, if “politics” can be minimized solutions can be reached that will help the state move forward and not lose sight of the people..."
  • Public Safety: " Releasing prisoners early is an option but must be done very carefully. Review of the offender’s record and psychological profile to get the best expectation of whether the offender is likely to offend again is essential. Otherwise not only the public safety is questionable but so is any potential saving. Reducing the number of police officers or not replacing officers that leave or retire also places the public at risk..."
  • Taxes: "Our state is one of a few that are heavily dependent on income taxes for public programs from general funds. Lottery provides some funds. Both of these are volatile, affected by a good or bad economy. Sources of revenue must be examined critically. Reserves need to be established such as the “rainy day” fund..."


Campaign Address

Jim Dyer

PO Box 20298

Keizer OR 97307

Campaign Phone


Campaign email

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