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United States Senate
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Elections, 2010
Primary election dates, 2010
John Arrington[1] is a candidate for United States Senate in the 2010 U.S. Senate election in Illinois. This seat was held by Roland Burris, who was appointed by the embattled former Governor, Rod Blagojevich.

Early Life

John Arrington is a native son of Illinois. He is the fourth child in a family of 11 born to a working class preacher and stay at home mother. His first job was as a dishwasher and busboy at the local YMCA during his high school years. It was from both his parents that he learned the important values of personal responsibility and hard work. He was born in Dixmoor, Illinois, a small industrial town of 6,000 on the outskirts of Chicago. As a youth he was lulled to sleep by the rhythmic pounding of the steel mills with three bustling work shifts. Each morning he was awakened by the blaring horns of the lively freight yard one block from his home during America’s steel mill boom.


John has earned numerous certifications in government, leadership and public service including certificates in State and Local government and classes in managing national crisis from Harvard University. In addition, he earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts. John earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Chicago State University in Chicago Illinois in 1986. He earned his Educational Administration, Superintendents’ Certificate from Western Illinois University in Macomb/Moline Illinois. He is a life long learner and continues his doctoral studies on improving the American educational system in the educational leadership program at Western Illinois University.

Public/Community Service

Upon returning home after college and seeing vacant steel mills, abandoned houses, and the blank faced of hopelessness and helplessness, John purposed to fight to better his own neighborhood and improve conditions by teaching residents self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, and collective empowerment.

John served as a community builder and organizer for almost four years working throughout the southern suburbs organizing people to take personal and collective responsibility for themselves and their communities. It was during his community organizing days that John met our President, Barack Obama. They developed a friendship through community organizing, and would converse on ideas and principles they felt would improve communities, Barack from the left and John from the conservative right. They both organized communities around social and civic issues of importance and John received additional enjoyment organizing pro-life and pro-family rallies. Community organizing can be community and individually empowering if based in honesty and integrity, and the intent is to help people help themselves. John cares about people, believes in people, and wants to empower people to do for themselves rather than to rely on others to take care of them. That is the essence of community organizing and is a fundamentally conservative and democracy building activity. What John is doing now, in this campaign, what the TEA parties are doing, what the 9-12 and other conservative groups are doing, is community organizing. The difference between President Obama and John is what they are organizing people for.

John continued his quest to improve his country and community through public service in 1995 and was elected and re-elected to the Harvey City Council as Alderman and served for eight years as an innovative and fierce advocate for his constituents. John was subsequently elected by his peers as Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, and served as chair and co-chair on the finance and public safety committees, where he established unprecedented programs and initiatives. Notably, he worked to develop and refine local taxing policies, created an environment favorable to business growth and expansion, and brought in millions of dollars in development. He recruited an expert staff and organized highly successful annual job fairs that brought together hundreds of employers and thousands of job seekers together. John also opened a community resource center, which hosted personal development training, business and entrepreneurial development programs, and citizen advocacy forums.

In 2004, John was a candidate for United States Senate in the Republican special election state central committee process. He advocated both then and now for strong national security, economic development, low taxes, less government, job growth, and improved education. He spent almost four years as a high school administrator at Thornton Township School District 205 in South Holland Illinois, and currently owns a management consulting business with his wife Joy.

Family Life

John and Joy have been married for 19 years, and have four children. Joy is also a licensed real estate agent and heavily involved in the activities of their children. John, Joy, and their children attend Bethel Gospel Tabernacle non-denominational church in Harvey, Illinois. He is an accomplished saxophonist, an avid reader, and stays healthy through exercising five days a week.

Personal and Political Beliefs

John is a bridge-builder, committed to bi-partisan working relationships in the U.S. Senate to ensure all Americans benefit from their government. His faith is Christianity and he is a born again believer. His passion is public service and he understands people and knows how to negotiate in the best interest of his constituency. He is politically conservative both socially and fiscally. He is guided by strong personal beliefs that were embodied in the wisdom of our founding fathers of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. He is a fighter for the traditional family, free markets, freedom of expression and faith, strong educational system, and is a strong believer in low taxes and the tried and true model of less government is best government.


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