John Geelan

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John Geelan
Arkansas House District 54
Political party Republican
Profession Business owner
Website Campaign site
John Geelan was the Republican candidate in the 2011 special election for District 54 of the Arkansas House of Representatives. The special election took place on July 12, 2011. Geelan was running to fill the vacancy created after incumbent Fred Smith (D) was convicted of theft.[1]


Geelan's professional experience includes founding and owning Great Games, a video games store in West Memphis and working as a director of risk management and loss prevention, sheriff's deputy, police investigator, polygraph examiner and Governor's bodyguard.

Campaign themes


Geelan's campaign site emphasized several policy positions and campaign themes:

  • Jobs for Crittenden County: "My plan would be to form a county wide coalition for economic development to include all cities in the county and county government to develop a comprehensive county wide plan to recruit businesses to our district... I would work with the State Economic Development team to help get funding and tax breaks for your current businesses to expand."
  • Education: "An educated work force is the key to our districts growth. I believe in MSCC and its programs. But we must also focus on our preschool kids. Studies show that if a child is not reading at grade level by the 3rd grade they are always behind. My plan would be to seek reading programs for our preschool child to ensure they enter school reading at the required level. We want all our children to be a success."
  • Fiscal Responsibility: "We must live and budget within our means. We have to do that, why shouldn’t our government have to do that? I’m for NO NEW TAXES. We are taxed to death as individuals and business owners. We need to balance the budgets with the revenue we have."
  • Welfare reform: "The Clinton administration with the 1996 Welfare Reform Act gave states the authority to require drug testing as a prerequisite for receiving state welfare assistance...The time has come for us to use it. This is a small step in bringing fiscal responsibility to the General Assembly. We must stop the endless cycle of drugs, poverty and the stereotypical association with public assistance."
  • The Sanctity of Life: "Federal law's have been established that legalize the abominable and immoral practice of human fetal abortion. This is the law of the land and while I may not approve of this legalization of what in the eye's of God amounts to nothing more than murder, I respect the law. As a legislator, I will, with every legal remedy at my disposal NEVER allow state funds to be used to fund or promote or be contributed (directly, through grant or tax mechanism) to any organization that supports or provides for the practice of fetal murder."



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Geelan was defeated Hudson Hallum (D) in the special election on July 12, 2011. D'James Rogers (I) also ran for the seat.[2]


Geelan and his wife have five children.

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