Jon Kyl recall, Arizona (2011)

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An effort to recall John Kyl from his position as a United States Senator from Arizona took place in 2011.[1] The effort did not result in a recall election.

Recall supporters

Leonard Clark served as chairman of the recall committee while William S. Crum served as treasurer.[2] Clark has been behind a number of other recall efforts, including a previous recall attempt against Kyl and a recall campaign against Senator John McCain.[1]

Reasons for recall

The petition language read, "Sen. Kyl is once again disgracing our beautiful State of AZ by opposing health care for 911 emergency responders who valiantly sacrificed their lives and their health for our fellow Americans that day on 911 September 2001. In addition, he opposed the Dream Act for children who due to no fault of their own were brought to this country. Finally, he continues to oppose Americans serving their country by hypocritically stopping D.A.D.T. Fellow citizens these are some but not all of the disgraceful acts of U.S. Sen. Kyl."[2]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers would have needed to collect 427,121 signatures of registered voters by April 20th, 2011.[1]

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