John Rino recall, Trinidad, Colorado (2012)

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An effort to recall John Rino from his position as the mayor of Trinidad, Colorado, was launched in July 2012.[1] Rino resigned from his position in August 2012.[2] Trinidad city council member Alfredo Pando was recalled from office on July 21, 2012.

Reasons for recall

Steve Bolton of the Trinidad Recall Action Committee initiated the recall effort. The petition stated that Rino "conspired with council cronies to fire the city manager, ignored wishes of business community leaders and city employees unions by refusing to mediate the city manager dispute, and used his council vote to promote personal agendas." Rino was also accused of violating charter and public policy by micro-managing the city manager and using council meetings to act on personal vendettas against the public.[1]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers needed to gather 230 signatures within 60 days in order to force a recall election.[3] Recall organizers gathered 383 signatures. Rino resigned from office on August 13, saying that his seven-month tenure as mayor had put a great strain on him and his family.[2]

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