Johnsburg residents question city's appeal of SSA ruling

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August 17. 2009

JOHNSBURG, Illinois: Earlier this year a court ruled against Special Service Area No. 23, a special service area that would generate funding to build infrastructure projects, in Johnsburg, Illinois. However, village officials are not stopping there, they voted to appeal the judge’s ruling. Village residents, however, said that they are concerned with how much the village is spending on this one issue.[1] As of June 2009, Johnsburg officials have already spent approximately $130,000 on the issue.[2]

Special Service Area No. 23 was created to pay for a $10 million sewer project that would connect homes currently on septic systems to the village’s new waste-water treatment facility.[2]

In order to stop a town from enforcing SSAs residents must file a petition with sufficient signatures. Rep. Jack D. Franks objects to the process and in 2009 filed Illinois Senate Bill 1555 (2009) which would require the municipality that wants to impose the tax to hold a vote before they impose the tax, rather than putting the burden of collecting signatures on those who oppose the tax.[1]

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