Judy Emmons recall, Michigan State Senate (2011)

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An effort to recall Judy Emmons, a member of the Republican Party, from her elected position representing District 33 in the Michigan State Senate was launched in May 2011. It did not make it to the ballot.

Deanna Porter filed recall language with the Montcalm County Clerk on May 25, 2011 seeking to remove Emmons from office. Porter cited Emmons's support for taxing pensions and tax cuts for corporations as the basis of her recall effort.[1] The Election Commission unanimously voted to deny the petition on June 9 because it lacked clarity. That same morning Joan Rasegan filed two versions of recall language against Emmons based on the senator's vote for the Emergency Financial Manager Law.[2] Porter filed again on June 15.

At a meeting on June 21, the commission denied Rasegan's wording. That same day she filed again twice.[3] Rasegan's and Porter's petitions were taken up at a meeting on July 1, where all three were approved. Both campaigns had 180 days to gather 19,953 signatures, but they had to be collected in a 90 day period.[4]

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