Judy Hesslin recall, Nowata, Oklahoma (2010)

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An effort to recall Judy Hesslin from her elected position on the city council of Nowata, Oklahoma, took place in 2010. The recall effort was invalidated when the petition organizer was charged with perjury in relation to the recall campaign.[1]


Steve Kloehr, a candidate for Nowata County Clerk, initiated the recall campaign. Kloeher launched the recall effort against Hesslin because the city council did not seek bids for a sewer line extension. Kloeher submitted 148 signatures on the petition, but after the names of the petition's signers were made public, about 30 people stepped forward to say they had not signed the petition. In June 2012, Kloeher was arrested for perjury. Kloeher will be arraigned on December 7, 2012.[1]

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