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Juneau Borough places sales tax and bond question on October ballot

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August 15, 2012


JUNEAU, Alaska: Residents in Juneau will have two added issues on their October ballots, an addition to the sales tax as well as a proposed bond. The City and Borough Assembly voted to place the two issues on the October ballot on August 13. The sales tax measure would extend the current increase which is set at a rate of 1 percent for a further five years and the bond would be set at a rate of $25 million. The money from both sources would go towards funding capital improvement projects in the borough and city. Projects slated to use the sales tax money include maintaining current public buildings, building a new library facility, expanding the current arts and culture center as well as funding a snow removal facility at the airport. Projects which would be funded with the bond money include renovations to Centennial Hall, remodeling the airport terminal and building a new learning center.

At the meeting on the 13th, some residents spoke out against the bond measure because it would add to the current property tax rate on the city. Stating that the city already had financial debts and adding to them would not be helpful for the community. The vote to add the bond measure to the ballot was 7-1.[1]

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