Kalida Township Wind Turbine Zoning Ordinance (November 2012)

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A Kalida Township Wind Turbine Zoning Ordiance measure was on the November 6, 2012 ballot in the township of Kalida which is in Putnam County, where it was approved.

This measure asked residents if they want to allow the rezoning of area outside the township which would be used to install wind turbines. The local company, KMI, which manufactures the turbines, sought the rezoning of the land but the Village Council chose to put the issues to a vote rather than approve it outright. KMI officials stated that they did not see the vote as a defeat of their proposed plan, but respected the will of the community and the vote for the rezoning. KMI is the largest employer in the village and noted that they would like to maintain their good relationship with the village.[1]

Election results

Kalida Township Zoning Question
Approveda Yes 482 64.70%

Election results from Putnam County Election Results, December 7, 2012 (dead link)'