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The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission is a independent agency responsible for most disciplinary manners towards Kansas campaign finance laws.


The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission was first formed in 1998 after being re-designated from the former Kansas Commission on Governmental Standards. This was done by an act of the Kansas Legislature[1].


The Governmental Ethics Commission is governed by a nine person board[2].

Selection of members

Under Kansas law, members of the Governmental Ethics Commission are nominated by different elected officials in Kansas government. Two members are selected by the Governor of Kansas, one by the President of the Kansas State Senate, one by the Speaker of the Kansas House of Representatives, one seat respectively from the minority leaders of the Kansas House and Senate, one by the Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court, one by the Kansas Attorney General, and one by the Kansas Secretary of State[2].

Each of the members serve two year terms and no more than five of the members can be from the same party. Also, both of the Governor's two picks to the commission cannot be from the same party[3].

Campaign finance discipline

The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission is responsible for handling most campaign finance disciplinary actions in the State of Kansas. If a person feels that someone violated Kansas campaign finance laws, the first step is to file a complaint with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission[4].

All complaints must be verified by the Commission before any prosecution can proceed[5]. In most cases if someone is found guilty of a civil violation, the Commission can petition a circuit court to levy a civil fine and other sanctions[6]. All criminal complaints or matters not in the Commission's jurisdiction are referred to the Kansas Attorney General[7].

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