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An effort to recall Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco failed to collect enough signatures to send to a public vote. The effort, initiated in January 2006, did not receive enough signatures by the July 10 deadline to force a recall election.

Recall petition

Kat Landry, the founder of the "responsible and effective citizen action for leadership in Louisiana" or "RECALL," filed a recall position with the state of Louisiana on January 10, 2006, to recall Governor Kathleen Blanco. Landry said Blanco's performance in response to hurricanes Katrina and Rita was poor. "It has been apparent to us that the lack of ability on the part of our governor is effecting all of us. It is in our faces everyday. Decisions that have been made month after month have not been as we can see on the best interest of our citizens," Landry said.[1]

Required signatures

State law requires that recall petitioners gain signatures of one-third of the state's registered voters within 180 days. In this case that was 900,000 signatures by July 10, 2006. Blanco announced on July 6, 2006, that petitioners would not gain enough signatures to move forward.[2]

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