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Kent County is one of 83 counties in Michigan. According to the 2010 census, its population is 602,622.[1]

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Michigan county websites

This website was reviewed on April 18, 2012.

The good

  • Budgets and audits are posted back to 2007.[2]
  • Board of Commissioners meeting agendas, minutes, and videos are posted.[3]
  • Elected officials and contact information are listed.[4]
  • Requests for proposals are posted.[5]
  • A Freedom of Information Act request page describes FOIA policies and procedures, as well as provides links to already published public records.[6]
  • Well and septic permit requests are available online.[7]
  • Tax information is posted for all properties.[8]
  • Tax rates are posted in the budget.[9]

The bad

  • No check register is posted.
  • Building permit and zoning details are not posted.
  • No administrative staff list is posted.
  • Finalized contracts are not posted.
  • No information on government sector lobbying is posted, although it is evident from search results within previous years' meeting minutes that Kent County at least used to have a county lobbyist, and/or contract out for lobbying services.[10]



Recommended Funds by Category[9]

Category Expenditures
Personnel $139,271,064
Commodities $7,949,250
Contractual services $166,543,108
Capital outlay $3,047,866
Other $34,514,007
Appropriation lapse ($7,000,001
Operating Expenditures $344,325,194
Capital projects $2,739,325
TOTAL $347,064,519


The proposed millage rates for 2012 are 4.2803 mills for operating costs, plus an additional .7893 for corrections and .3244 for senior services for a total of 5.3940, which is the same as 2011's.[9]

Unfunded liabilities

Kent County's unfunded OPEBs (Other Post-Employment Benefits) in 2010 were $36,860,975, or 23.4% of general fund revenue.[11]

Public employees

Board of Commissioners


District Name Committee
1st Ted Vonk, BoC Vice Chair Legislative and Human Resources Chair
2nd Tom Antor Finance and Physical Resources
3rd Roger Morgan Finance and Physical Resources
4th Gary Rolls Finance and Physical Resources
5th Sandi Frost Parrish, BoC Chair
6th Michael Wawee Jr. Legislative and Human Resources
7th Stan Ponstein Legislative and Human Resources
8th Jack Boelema Finance and Physical Resources
9th Harold Voorhees Finance and Physical Resources Chair
10th Bill Hirsch Legislative and Human Resources
11th Jim Saalfeld Finance and Physical Resources
12th Harold Mast Legislative and Human Resources
13th Richard Vander Molen Finance and Physical Resources
14th Carol Hennessy BoC Minority Vice Chair Finance and Physical Resources Vice Chair
15th Dick Bulkowski Legislative and Human Resources
16th Jim Talen Finance and Physical Resources
17th Candace E. Chivis Legislative and Human Resources
18th Dan Koorndyk Legislative and Human Resources Vice Chair
19th Shana Shroll Legislative and Human Resources


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