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Kent School District board recall, Washington, 2009

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Kent School District residents in the state of Washington filed a petition to recall two school district board members in September 2009. Targeted board members included Jim Berrios and Chris Davies. The petition was filed by Charles Allen, founder of the Kent Parents Coalition.[1] The recall effort did not result in a recall election.


According to Allen, he filed the recall petition after a public meeting was canceled. "They canceled a public meeting in the middle of this crises. When I wrote an email to Mr. Berrios he said there was not enough content to hold a meeting. A teachers' strike is not enough content? How can you justify that," said Allen. Additionally, Allen said that the petitions refer to the district's negotiation problems with teachers.

Parallel to district recall efforts, district teachers had been on strike for a total of 16 days as of September 13, 2009. Teachers were ordered by a King County judge to return to classrooms on Tuesday, September 15, but according to Kent Education Association, that may not be the case. If teachers do not return to classrooms, they will be fined $1,000 plus $200 for every day they are not in the classroom.[2]

The strike officially came to an end during the week of September 17, 2009. However, a group supporting the teachers still stated their intention to recall two members of the school board. The Kent Parents Coalition supported the recall efforts, which targeted Board President Jim Berrios and Vice President Chris Davies.[3] A recall election did not take place.

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