Kevin Poole, Brad Cannon, Thyra Stevenson and Dennis Ohrtman recall, Lewiston, Idaho (2010)

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An effort to recall Kevin Poole, Brad Cannon, Thyra Stevenson and Dennis Ohrtman from their positions on the Lewiston, Idaho, City Council was launched in June 2010.[1]

Kevin Poole was Lewiston's mayor, Brad Cannon was the city's Mayor Pro Tem nd Thyra Stevenson and Dennis Ohrtman were members of the city council.

Ultimately, however, no signatures were submitted to force a recall.

Supporting arguments

A group called "Citizens for Better Government" supported the recall. The group said that they wanted to change Lewiston's governing board because Poole, Cannon, Stevenson and Ohrtman, in their view, had "misspent public tax dollars in numerous unnecessary and inappropriate ways."

Fred Fritz, a Lewiston resident who helped gather signatures to force a recall vote, said that his unhappiness with Lewiston politicians was related to a management style that wasted scarce taxpayers dollars: "One of our three ambulances has been moved to Asotin County up on Appleside and it's staffed 24 hours a day up there. It's an ambulance to give us quick service. Now it's giving quicker service to Asotin County. The problem is we're paying $718,000 for that ambulance to put it up there. We're getting $381,000 back, so we are subsidizing it. I don't think the taxpayers of Lewiston have that responsibility or should have to be paying for that service."[2]

Lewiston resident Louise Hunt, another supporter of the recall effort, said, "The way the airport advisory council is being abolished and the authority is being set into place (is a problem). I mean, the whole write up, the whole list of by-laws the county and city came up with, there's something seriously wrong with it. These people can't decide on a fifth member. How are they ever going to determine how to run the airport. Not only that, but I don't believe they have any money."[2]

Path to the ballot

3,273 signatures were required to force a recall election, and the signatures had to be collected within a 75-day window, with August 25 as the final deadline for submitting signatures.[2][3]

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