Kittleman steps down as senate minority leader

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January 19, 2011

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland: Maryland State Senator Allan Kittleman announced yesterday that he plans to step down from his postition as senate minority leader, effective on Friday.

To many in the Senate, it has become apparent that some of Kittleman's views do not jive with the rest of his GOP piers. Earlier this month, Kittleman said that he would offer legislation to allow civil unions in Maryland. As a direct result of this statement, eleven Republican senators voiced their concern at a caucus meeting last week. "A lot of us were not on board, and did not want to have to vote against our leader." said state Sen. David R. Brinkley, a Frederick County Republican.[1]

To Kittleman, his beliefs are more important than his title. "It is more important for me to stay true to my beliefs than it is for me to be the minority leader."[1]

In an interview, Kittleman stressed that this decision is solely his, and that he was in no way pressured to resign. "It is my decision and my decision alone," he said. Senate Republicans will chose a new minority leader on Friday.[1]