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Klamath County Jail Levy Increase (May 2012)

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A Klamath County Jail Levy Increase measure will not be on the May 15, 2012 ballot in Klamath County.

This measure was later removed from the ballot because road repair reserve funds can now be used for law enforcement needs in the county.[1]

This measure sought to increase the county property tax by a rate of near $80 per year per $200,000 assessed property value and would be in place for a period of three years. The tax increase would help fund law enforcement services in the county which have been scaled back due to loss of revenues by the county. Opponents note that residents cannot afford to pay more taxes, but proponents note that law enforcement is essential to the county and needs to be maintained at a proper level.[2]

This measure will be taken off the ballot as a new bill approved by the state Legislature allows for counties to use road fund monies for law enforcement purposes which would mean the county would not need to increase the property tax rate. The county had until the 15th of March to remove the issue from the ballot.[3]