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Kristine Burton, or Kristi Burton, led the unsuccessful effort in Colorado in 2008 to pass the Colorado Definition of Person Initiative (2008).

Burton attended the Oak Brook College of Law, an online law school for home-schoolers.

Burton's co-leader in promoting the Colorado Equal Rights measure was Mark Meuser, an attorney who moved from California to Colorado to help Burton. Meuser said of Amendment 48 that if it passed:

"Legally, we believe (passage of the amendment) would immediately make it a crime to kill a pre-born baby. A hundred different attorneys would have a hundred different opinions. As a practical matter, with legal challenges, we probably would have to go up to the Supreme Court."</blockquote>

Responding to allegations that Burton is pursuing the ballot measure at the behest of hidden behind-the-scenes forces, Meuser has said[1]

"I don't know how much more emphatically I can say it. This is Kristi's vision. There is nobody pulling strings behind us. She is the one pushing it. We are trying to get people on board. We're talking to donors. We're approaching them. They're not approaching us."

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