Kurt Schlegel recall, Elbert County, Colorado (2012)

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An effort to recall Kurt Schlegel from his position as a county commissioner in Elbert County, Colorado was launched in June 2012 and abandoned in August 2012 after recall organizers failed to submit sufficient signatures.[1][2]

Reasons for recall

Mike Phillips led the recall effort. Phillips accused Schlegel of having conflicts of interest, failing to recuse himself from votes, ignoring open-meeting laws, and creating a hostile work environment. Schlegel believed that the recall effort stemmed from policy disagreements. Schlegel said, "If you look at the allegations, none of it is factual...I think the act of recalling politicians or elected officials has become so skewed. People have lost the ability to debate."[1]

Path to the ballot

In order to get a recall measure on the November 2012 ballot, recall supporters would have needed to gather 2,184 signatures, representing 25% of the registered voters in 2010.[1] Recall organizers did not meet the August deadline, and the recall effort came to an end.[2]

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