Kyle Palmer, Judy Schmidt, Randal Thomas and Bill Cummins recall, Silverton, Oregon (2011)

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An effort to recall Kyle Palmer, Judy Schmidt, Randal Thomas, and Bill Cummins from their elected positions as members of the Silverton, Oregon city council in Marion County began in July 2011 and lasted through November 2011.[1] In November 2011, the recall effort was abandoned short of going to the ballot.[2]

Reasons for recall

Jim Squires was the organizer of the recall effort. Squires began the recall effort in July, immediately following the Urban Renewal Agency's vote to undertake a downtown streetscaping project. All Silverton city councilors are also members of the Urban Renewal Agency. All four recall targets voted to move forward with the streetscaping project.[1]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers would have needed to submit 555 signatures for each recall target by November 8th to force a recall election.[1] Squires says that although he collected over 555 signatures for each target, he decided not to pursue the recall effort because "I don't think it's in the best interest of the city right now. At the time, it was, but some situations have changed and I think the city can move forward without it."[2] Squires said the city's search for a new city manager along with the projected taxpayer cost of $7,000 for a recall election were factors in his decision to abandon the recall effort.[2]

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