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L.C. Tidball was a state representative from Sheridan, Wyoming, who early on championed the idea that ordinary Wyoming citizens should be able to exercise various forms of direct democracy.

In 1894, Tidall ran for the position of Governor of Wyoming on the Populist ticket, winning 2,176 votes out of 19,291 cast statewide for that position.[1]

In 1893, Tidball served as Speaker of the House in Wyoming's state assembly. In that capacity, along with President of the Wyoming Senate F.W. Mondell, he signed a resolution and memorial putting the Wyoming legislature's seal of approval on the idea that the United States should adopt a constitutional amendment requiring that U.S. Senators be elected by popular vote rather than by the various state legislatures.[2]

Tidball is mentioned in "The First Battle: A Story of the Campaign of 1896," a book by William Jennings Bryan in which Bryan reviews his presidential campaign of 1896.[3]

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