Tom Spellman recall, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (2009)

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Tom Spellman was recalled on December 22, 2009 from his position on the Lake Geneva City Council in Wisconsin. William Mott's name was on the same December 22 ballot as a replacement candidate in the event that Spellman was recalled.
  • Mott: 191 Approveda
  • Spellman: 133

Recall supporters originally targeted three members of the Lake Geneva City Council, but ultimately chose to focus on Spellman.

The recall campaign began shortly after Spyro Condos was appointed to the council following Gary Dunham's resignation in August 2009.

According to recall petitions, Spellman was targeted for a recall because he did not take his constituent's opinions into account when voting.[1]

Response to recall

Spellman called the recall baseless and said that he still stands by his vote to appoint Condos. "'Does not vote according to the wishes of his constituents.' What does that mean? That in and of itself is an absurdity," said Spellman.[1]

Condos' resignation

On Monday, November 30, 2009 Condos resigned from his position on the city council as part of a deal reached with the mayor and council members. Mayor Bill Chesen agreed to rescind the suspension of aldermen Mary Jo Fesenmaier, Arleen Krohn, Roehrer and Spellman. Additionally Chesen agreed to drop misconduct and open meetings charges against all four aldermen on the condition that Condos resign.[2]

Path to the ballot

Recall supporters were required to collect a minimum of 25% of signatures from voters in the last gubernatorial election in the district from which the alderman is being recalled.[1] As of October 29, 2009 approximately 191 signatures, 44 more than the 147 required, were filed in order to recall Alderman Spellman.[3] The city validated 186 of the submitted signatures. A total of 107 signatures were filed to recall Alderman Roehrer, however, the city clerk determined that only 93 were valid - below the number required for an election. Signatures were never filed to recall Alderman Condos.[4]

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