Latvian Parliament Dissolution Question, 2011

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A Latvian Parliament Dissolution Question was voted on July 23, in the country of Latvia.

Residents voted near 95 percent in favor of dissolving the parliament.[1]

Due to the inability of the Parliament to elect a new MP in the country, the Latvian President Valdis Zatlers decided to dissolve the Parliament via referendum. The people decided if the Parliament should be dissolved, in the hope that the oligarchs would be purged from the election of the next Parliament. Some saw the move by the president the right one as it seems to be the best way currently to quickly get rid of corruption.[2]

The government of Latvia had negotiated with other countries to operate foreign polling stations in 41 other countries. This was the largest amount of foreign polling stations which had existed in a Latvian election to date. The election chairman of the country noted that the short time for Latvians living abroad to apply for mail in ballots has led to this increase in polling stations, the government wanted as many citizens as possible to participate in the vote.[3]

It was reported that less than 15 percent of those Latvians living abroad actually participated in the election. Though those that did vote also approved the dissolution of the parliament.[4]

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Do you support dissolving the 10th convocation Saeima?[5]