Laws governing citizen grand juries in Kansas

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In Kansas, a grand jury can be summoned in any county by petition. The grand jury must be summoned within 60 days after a petition requesting the panel that has been signed by 100 electors plus an additional number of electors equalling 2% of the total number of votes cast for governor in the most recent gubernatorial election in the county.

The signatures are presented to the county clerk of the county in question, who scrutinizes them for validity. Once the signatures are certified, the county clerk presents the petition to the district court for the county, which must then order the impanelment of the grand jury requested in the petition.

The grand jury shall consist of 15 members and shall be drawn and summoned in the same manner as petit jurors for the district court. Twelve members thereof shall constitute a quorum. The judge or judges ordering the grand jury shall direct that a sufficient number of legally qualified persons be summoned for service as grand jurors.

The law governing citizen grand juries is Kansas Code 22-3001.

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