Laws governing recall in Arkansas

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The laws that govern the conduct of political recalls in Arkansas are Ark. Code §14-47-112, 14-48-114, 14-61-119 and 14-92-209. Under these statutes, the following elected officials are subject to recall:
  • Mayors
  • Members of board of directors
  • Commissioners of suburban improvement districts

Recall law features

Features of the recall statutes in Arkansas are:

  • The office-holder must have been in office at least six months before a recall can be begun
  • Specific grounds are not required.
  • There is no time limit for collecting signatures
  • The signature requirement for mayors and directors is 35% of ballots cast for all candidates for the office at the preceding primary at which the officials were nominated or elected. For commissioners of suburban improvement districts, the requirement is 25% of the owners of real estate in the district.

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