Laws governing recall in Missouri

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Missourians do not have the right of statewide recall. However, the right of local recall is available in:

  • Cities defined as Class 3 cities. A Class 3 City is defined as a city with a population between 3,000 and 29,999.
  • Cities that operate under their own city charter, if the specific city charter allows for recall.

The recall process that applies to Class 3 cities in Missouri is governed by MRS §77.650 and 78.260.


  • Recall may not commence during first 6 months in office
  • Grounds for recall must be stated, and must include misconduct in office, incompetence, and failure to perform duties prescribed by law.
  • 60 days is allowed for collecting signatures.
  • Signatures equal to 25% of the registered voters in the city must be collected.

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