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The League of California Cities (LCC) is a political advocacy association in California. Part of the organization's funding comes from membership dues and fees that California cities, towns and other municipalities pay to belong to it. Chris McKenzie is the organization's executive director.

LCC was founded in 1898. In 2004, it had a paid staff of 75, headquartered in LLC's main Sacramento office and in regional offices throughout the states.

The League of California Cities has been an active contributor to ballot measure campaigns in California. The Taxpayer Protection Act is a 2008 initiative directed at reforming the level of disclosure that the League, and other taxpayer-funded associations, would have to make about where the money is coming from that it donates to ballot measure campaigns. Currently, the source of those donations is anonymous.

Ballot measures

The League of California Cities takes official positions on ballot measures and has also provided significant financial support to ballot measure campaigns.


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Ballot measure Description CFT position on measure CFT donation
Proposition 22 State budget Supported $3,532,750



2009 lawsuit

In the face of the state budget crisis of 2009, state lawmkers plan to transfer $1.7 billion out of the highway users/gasoline tax fund into the state's general fund that normally goes to municipalities to maintain local streets and roads.[2]

In June 2009, the league's board of directors unanimously voted to initiate legal proceedings to challenge the constitutionality of what it refers to as the "gas tax raid."[2]

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