Legislator offers alternative to Wyoming redistricting proposals

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July 31, 2011


CHEYENNE, Wyoming: State representative Hans Hunt (R) submitted a new redistricting proposal for state legislative districts last week.[1]

Hunt's plan varies from the four existing proposals, in that it would base districts on county boundaries and then allow local officials to draw boundaries within the county.[1] Hunt defended his plan, stating that it would give locals more "control."[1]

The four other proposals were submitted by legislators and only handle redrawing districts in their specific geographic location -- Natrona, Teton, Laramie and Sweetwater counties.[1]

Hunt's official submitted plan can be found here.

The Legislature's Joint Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions committee is responsible for the redistricting. Members of the committee are:

Senate Membership:

House Membership:

The committee's final public meeting will be held on August 15.

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