Legislators argue about photo ID law, voters left confused

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November 15, 2011


NASHVILLE, Tennessee: Politicians on both sides of the aisle have been arguing about the photo ID law which will take effect next January. This law would require voters to present a valid photo ID at the polling station in order to cast their ballot.[1]

Many Republicans have claimed that the laws only purpose is to reduce and prevent voter fraud, while some Democrats have charged the law as being an attempt to disenfranchise elderly voters and likened it to a poll tax.

Meanwhile, results of a recent poll show that many citizens remain confused as to the details of the law. The poll was conducted by the Middle Tennessee State University, and it asked citizens what they knew about the new photo ID law. Results of the poll show that 71% of Tennesseans had heard of the law, but less than half knew which types of IDs are acceptable. For instance, an employee ID or student ID is unacceptable, but an expired driver's license will work.[1]

Poll director Ken Blake stated the following, "The poll detected no disproportionately high levels of ignorance about the new law among the elderly or minorities. But knowledge gaps did appear among the young as well as among political moderates and liberal Efforts to raise awareness have a lot of ground to cover, especially regarding the law's specifics."[1]


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