Legislators in six states consider health insurance reform proposal

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June 29, 2009

State legislators and activists in six states are considering a proposal that would allow people in their state to opt out of any federally-mandated health insurance plans that may be enacted by the federal government. According to Christine Herrera of the American Legislative Exchange Council, their state legislator members have endorsed a resolution that opposes a Medicare-modeled federal health plan. "Our state legislatures are looking at what's going on in Washington as trampling state's rights," she said, and as a result, some state legislators are looking for ways to allow their state's residents to opt out of any coming federal mandates.[1]

In Arizona, legislators have already placed the Arizona Health Insurance Reform Amendment (2010) on their 2010 ballot. Similar measures are under consider in Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming.[1]

Arizona legislator Phil Lopes, a Democrat, is opposed to this approach, saying, "The proponents of this are saying the system we have now works and we don't want any kind of reform. This flies in the face of what the public tells us they want." In a state legislative dialogue that has crossed state lines, Wisconsin Republican legislator Leah Vukmir says, "The real goal of national health insurance exchange isn't competition -- it's a federal power grab that flies in the face of the Tenth Amendment."[1]

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