Liam J. McLaughlin

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Liam J. McLaughlin
Candidate for
New York State Senate, District 35

Political party Republican
Profession Attorney
Website Campaign Site

Liam McLaughlin was a Republican candidate for District 35 of the New York State Senate. The primary election was on September 14, 2010, and the general election was on November 2.


  • B.S., Accounting, Fordham University,1989
  • J.D., New York Law School, 1990[1]

Professional experience

"Liam was formally Special Counsel for the City of Yonkers and a former adjunct professor at Manhattan College. Currently Liam was a Senior Associate with the Law firm of Bashian & Farber, LLP in White Plains where he spends a great deal of time on estate planning, estate litigation and guardianship matters for his clients. In November 1999, he was elected to the Yonkers City Council representing the Fourth District. He was re-elected in 2001, 2003 and 2005. Liam served for 10 years on the Yonkers City Council.Councilman McLaughlin has served as the Majority Leader of the City Council, the Minority Leader of the City Council, Chairman of the Budget Committee, the Environmental Policy & Protection Committee, the Municipal Operations Committee, the Legislation and Codes Committee and the Franchise Committee. He also served on every other Council Committee."[1]



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McLaughlin ran unopposed in the September 14 Republican primary. McLaughlin was defeated by incumbent Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D) in the general election on November 2.[2] McLaughlin ran as a member of the Republican and Conservative party.


Campaign themes

McLaughlin campaign website lists six main issues:

  • Create Jobs: "The formula is very simple, we need to cut taxes to spur economic development and create jobs. New York has lost its competitive edge because taxes have gotten so high that businesses can no longer afford to do business in New York. Businesses, and the jobs that go along with them, are not relocating to North Carolina because of the scenery, it is because of the favorable tax structure. We need to reduce taxes, and government fees (backdoor taxes) to reduce the cost of doing business in New York. When we reduce the cost of doing business, we will restore our competitive advantage."

Liam McLaughlin TV Commercial "Sleepless Nights"[3]
  • Tax and Budget Reform: "People are tired of Westchester County's distinction of being the highest taxed County in the United States. So am I. We are taxing our middle class and our senior citizens right out of the state. Out of control spending, unfunded state mandates and politics as usual in Albany has created a tax burden that we can no longer afford. We must enact tax and budget reforms to end the tax and spend culture that currently exists in the New York State Senate."
  • Good Government: "Government exists to serve the public, not the other way around. However, in New York State it often feels like the opposite is true. With Albany incumbency rates well over 90%, entrenched Albany politicians have lost touch with the people that they are supposed to represent. It is time for new blood and new ideas in Albany. It is time to bring accountability and transparency to the New York State Senate."
  • Government That Is Out of Touch: "It is widely recognized that the New York State legislature was among the most dysfunctional governments in the country, with the State Senate being the dysfunctional heavyweight champion of the world. Albany is broken and is in desperate need of new leadership. While most states are cutting their budgets in these tough economic times, New York has increased its budget by almost $15 Billion in just two years. That's a 12% increase in state spending in the worst economic recession since the 1930's. Senator Stewart-Cousins and her colleagues just don't get it. Families all across the state are cutting their personal budgets and doing more with less, yet the Senate keeps on spending and taxing as if money was falling from the sky."
  • Education: "I am fully committed to continuously improving the quality of the education that was available to our children. Education must evolve with the times. New programs, technologies, ideas and philosophies must be embraced including expanding school choice and teacher accountability. Strong teachers should be incentivized for having high performing classrooms and weak teachers must improve or move on. The days of poor teachers reporting to "rubber rooms" where they collect full salaries yet do not teach must end. Our state can't afford to keep paying unsuccessful teachers while underpaying the best and the brightest our state has to offer."
  • New Leadership: "I believe in fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and government accountability. My opponent's record evidences a failed liberal ideology of high taxes, excessive government spending and lack of accountability. Government irresponsibility is negatively affecting the lives of millions of New York State residents. The constantly late state budget creates fiscal chaos for local government and shows that the State Senate does not care to do its job and is in need of new leadership. "

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