Lincoln County Children's Trust Tax Levy, Measure 21-151 (May 2013)

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A Lincoln County Children's Trust Tax Levy measure was defeated on the May 21, 2013, election ballot in Lincoln County, which is in Oregon.

If approved, this measure would have authorized the County of Lincoln to impose a property tax levy of $0.19 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for five years in order to fund children's programs in the County. The estimated annual revenue from this tax is between $1.323 million and $1.403 million.[1]

Election results

Measure 21-151
Defeatedd No5,85657.14%
Yes 4,392 42.86%
These results are from the Lincoln County elections office.

Text of measure

Question on the ballot:

Shall County levy 19¢ per $1000 assessed value for five years beginning in 2013-2014 to support children’s programs?

This measure may cause property taxes to increase more than three percent.[1][2]


Measure would finance County establishment of dedicated funds for a Children’s Trust providing grants for children’s programs. Approval of this measure would allow Lincoln County, through a nonprofit, the Children’s Trust of Lincoln County, to provide funding for children’s programs for all areas of Lincoln County, including all cities. Funds will be focused on but not limited to programs for:

• Early Childhood Education and Childcare
• Outside-of-School Child Development, including tutoring, mentoring, the arts, athletics, nutrition, mental health and substance abuse programs
• Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Accountability:
• Children’s Trust of Lincoln County appointed committee, representing all parts of the County, determines where money will be spent
• Funds awarded through competitive process in public meetings
• County fiscal and legal agent for fund distribution
• Annual audit/review and public report of program
finances, effectiveness and success

A home valued at $100,000 pays $ 19 per year, or less
A home valued at $300,000 pays $ 57 per year, or less

It is estimated that this measure would raise approximately $1.296 million in tax revenues for 2013-2014, $1.323 million in tax revenues for 2014-2015, $1.349 million in tax revenues for 2015-2016, $1.376 million in tax revenues for 2016-2017, and $1.403 million in tax revenues for 2017-2018. The estimated tax cost for this measure is an ESTIMATE only based on the best information available from the county assessor at the time of estimate.[1][2]


Below are statements in support of this proposition:

The Children’s Trust of Lincoln County Makes Good Economic Sense

Incarcerating one juvenile for one year costs taxpayers $88,000. The long-term costs to communities continue indefinitely through the loss of the contributions of a productive citizen. The Children’s Trust will fund children’s programs that are proven to save $3 - $16 for every $1 invested.

The greatest savings come from decreased costs for remedial education, and lower crime, prison, and welfare costs, as well as more taxes paid by productive, successful adults who, as children, participated in quality early childhood and outside-ofschool programs. Vibrant communities, with the kinds of successful programs the Trust will help fund, attract and retain a better and more qualified workforce and become more competitive in attracting new businesses.

Early Childhood Education and Childcare: • Early childhood education programs save taxpayers $16 in future costs for every $1 invested.
• Every $1 invested in childcare can increase the economy’s output by $2.30 – one of the highest GDP impacts of all major sectors.
• Investment in the early learning sector generates jobs, including jobs outside the sector. The Oregon childcare industry supports 52,000 Oregon jobs.
• Each new $1 invested in early learning and care generates nearly $2 in sales of goods and services for local businesses, resulting in new spending. Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention:
• Quality programs really work. One study, which coached parents, cut abuse and neglect by 48%. The program saved $4 for each $1 spent.

Outside-of-School Child Development: • Every $1 invested in quality after-school programs saves taxpayers $3. If benefits from crime reduction are factored in, each $1 invested in an at-risk child saves $8 - $12.
• Mentoring can reduce prison and probation costs. Kids with mentors are less likely to begin illegal drug use, become violent, or engage in crime.

We support the smart use of taxpayer dollars – We support the Children’s Trust.

Vote YES on Measure 21-151

Bill and JoAnn Barton[1][2]

These arguments were prepared and submitted by Bill and JoAnn Barton. For additional arguments in favor of this measure see the County Voters Guide.


No statement was submitted in opposition to this proposition. If you have an argument that you would like posted here please email

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