Linda Sledge Johnson recall, Fairmount, Georgia, 2010

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An effort to recall Fairmount, Georgia council member Linda Sledge Johnson was initiated in January 2010.[1]

Supporting arguments

The reasons given by recall supporters were:

"Behavior unbecoming of a city councilman (with) city employee resulting in her resigning. Misuse of donated items for 2008 Mayors Motorcade. Continued harassment to businesses...resulting in lost revenue for the city; including personal problems (with) business...owners. Has not paid '08 county taxes as of 1-5-09. Sued city for atty. fees resulting from a previous suit which resulted in city taxpayers having to pay atty. fees for both suits."[2]


Johnson's response

Johnson said, "I strongly deny any and all of the allegations made against me. I have done the best to my ability to serve the citizens of Fairmount."[3]

Path to the ballot

When a recall petition in Georgia is filed with election authorities, those who support the recall must list on their petition the reasons why they think the recall target ought to be removed from office. When recall supporters list their reasons, it does not mean that election officials or others agree with the reasons, or that any facts alleged in the reasons have been proven.

To force a recall election, recall supporters needed to collect the signatures of 30% of registered Fairmount voters who were voters in Fairmount at the time of Johnson's election to the city council.[3]

In May, Superior Court judge William Boyette ruled that the recall language submitted by recall supporters was not "logically connected" and lacked "particularity." He found the recall application insufficient.[4]

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