List of Alaska ballot initiatives

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Ballot measures
in Alaska
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Constitutional amendments
Citizen initiatives
Statutes referred by Legislature
Advisory votes
Veto referenda
45 statewide initiatives have been on the Alaskan ballot since 1960, when the first such measure was on the ballot. Initiatives in Alaska are all indirect initiated state statutes.
# won # lost  % Won  % lost
22 23 49% 51%
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Defeatedd Alaska Gaming Commission, Measure 1 (August 2008)
Defeatedd Alaska Wolf and Bear Protection, Measure 2 (August 2008)
Defeatedd Alaska Clean Elections Act (2008)
Defeatedd Alaska Clean Water Act (2008)
Defeatedd Alaska Gasline Now! Initiative (2006)
Approveda Alaska 90-Day Legislative Session, Ballot Measure 1 (2006)
Approveda Alaska Campaign Finance Reform, Ballot Measure 1 (August 2006)
Approveda Alaska Shipping Tax, Ballot Measure 2 (August 2006)
Defeatedd Alaska Legalize Marijuana Act, Measure 2 (2004)
Defeatedd Alaska Prohibition on Bear Baiting Initiative, Measure 3 (2004)
Approveda Alaska Replacement of U.S. Senators Act, Measure 4 (2004)
Approveda Alaska Gas Pipeline, Measure 3 (2002)
Defeatedd Alaska Initiative to Move Location of Legislative Sessions, Measure 2 (2002)
Defeatedd Alaska Run-Off Voting Initiative, Measure 1 (August 2002)
Defeatedd Alaska Property Tax Limit, Measure 4 (2000)
Defeatedd Alaska Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative, Measure 5 (2000)


Billboards like this were prohibited in 1998

Defeatedd Alaska Prohibition of Wolf Snares, Measure 9 (1998)
Approveda Alaska Medical Marijuana Act, Measure 8 (1998)
Approveda Alaska Term Limits Pledge, Measure 7 (1998)
Approveda Alaska English as Official Language, Measure 6 (1998)
Approveda Alaska Prohibition of Billboards, Measure 5 (1998)
Approveda Alaska Prohibit Airborne Hunting, Measure 3 (1996)
Approveda Alaska Term Limits, Measure 4 (1996)
Defeatedd Alaska State Capital in Wasilla, Measure 3 (1994)
Approveda Alaska Capital Move Cost, Measure 5 (1994)
Approveda Alaska Term Limits, Measure 4 (1994)
Defeatedd Alaska Railroad Initiative (August 1990)
Approveda Alaska Marijuana Criminalization Initiative (1990)
Defeatedd Alaska Gambling Board Initiative (August 1990)


Defeatedd Alaska Higher Education Measure (1988)
Approveda Alaska Civil Liability Measure (1988)
Approveda Alaska Nuclear Weapons Freeze Measure (1986)
Approveda Transportation Regulation ('84)
Defeatedd Fish and Game ('82)
Defeatedd Abortion Funding ('82)
Approveda Federal Land ('82)
Defeatedd Stock Ownership ('80)


Defeatedd Alaska Bottle Deposit Initiative (1978)
Approveda Alaska Homesteading of Vacant State Land Initiative (1978)
Approveda Alaska Cost of Relocating State Capital (1978)
Defeatedd Alaska Fisheries Permit Initiative (1976)
Approveda Alaska Constructing a New Capital City (1974)
Approveda Alaska Financial Disclosure Initiative (1974)


Cook Inlet

Defeatedd Alaska State Capital Relocation, Initiative 1 (1962)
Defeatedd Alaska Cook Inlet State Capital Initiative (1960)

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