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Maryland was admitted as the 7th state to the United States of America on April 28, 1788. As of 2013, a total of 307 individuals have represented Maryland in the U.S. House.

The current members of the U.S. House from Maryland are:

Historical representatives

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Maryland.

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1700s from Maryland
Party Total
     Anti-Administration 10
     Federalist 9
     Democratic-Republican 7
     Pro-Administration 9
Total Representatives 35
Representatives to the U.S. House from Maryland
Representative Years Served Party
Michael J. Stone 1789–1791 Admin
Joshua Seney 1789–1792
Benjamin Contee 1789–1791 Admin
William Smith 1789–1791 Admin
George Gale 1789–1791 ProAdmin
Daniel Carroll 1789–1791 ProAdmin
Philip Key 1791–1793 ProAdmin
William Pinkney 1791 ProAdmin
Samuel Sterett 1791–1793 Admin
William V. Murray 1791–1795 ProAdmin
Upton Sheredine 1791–1793 Admin
William Hindman 1793–1795 ProAdmin
John F. Mercer 1792–1794 Admin
George Dent 1793–1795 ProAdmin
Uriah Forrest 1793–1794 ProAdmin
Thomas Sprigg 1793–1795 Admin
Samuel Smith 1793–1795 Admin
Gabriel Christie 1793–1795 Admin
William Hindman 1795–1799 Federalist
William V. Murray 1795–1797 Federalist
Gabriel Duvall 1794–1795
Benjamin Edwards 1795 ProAdmin
George Dent 1795–1801 Federalist
Gabriel Duvall 1795–1796 DemocraticRepublican
Jeremiah Crabb 1795–1796 Federalist
Thomas Sprigg 1795–1797 DemocraticRepublican
Samuel Smith 1795–1803 DemocraticRepublican
Gabriel Christie 1795–1797 DemocraticRepublican
Richard Sprigg, Jr. 1796–1799
William Craik 1796–1801 Federalist
George Baer, Jr. 1797–1801 Federalist
William Matthews 1797–1799 Federalist
John Dennis 1797–1805 Federalist
John C. Thomas 1799–1801 Federalist
Gabriel Christie 1799–1801 DemocraticRepublican
Joseph H. Nicholson 1799–1806 DemocraticRepublican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Maryland
Party Total
     Democratic 43
     Republican 19
     Unionist 6
     Federalist 13
     Whig 26
     Jacksonian 24
     Democratic-Republican 35
     American 5
     Unconditional Unionist 5
     Conservative 1
     National Republican 5
Total Representatives 182
Representatives to the U.S. House from Maryland
Representative Years Served Party
Richard Sprigg, Jr. 1801–1802 DemocraticRepublican
Daniel Hiester 1801–1804 DemocraticRepublican
Thomas Plater 1801–1805 Federalist
John Archer 1801–1807 DemocraticRepublican
John Campbell 1801–1811 Federalist
Walter Bowie 1802–1805 DemocraticRepublican
William McCreery 1803–1809 DemocraticRepublican
Nicholas R. Moore 1803–1811 DemocraticRepublican
Roger Nelson 1804–1810 DemocraticRepublican
Leonard Covington 1805–1807 DemocraticRepublican
Patrick Magruder 1805–1807 DemocraticRepublican
Charles Goldsborough 1805–1817 Federalist
Edward Lloyd 1806–1809 DemocraticRepublican
Archibald Van Horne 1807–1811 DemocraticRepublican
John Montgomery 1807–1811 DemocraticRepublican
Philip B. Key 1807–1813 Federalist
John Brown 1809–1810 DemocraticRepublican
Alexander McKim 1809–1815 DemocraticRepublican
Samuel Ringgold 1810–1815 DemocraticRepublican
Robert Wright 1810–1817 DemocraticRepublican
Peter Little 1811–1813 DemocraticRepublican
Joseph Kent 1811–1815 DemocraticRepublican
Stevenson Archer 1811–1817 DemocraticRepublican
Philip Stuart 1811–1819 Federalist
Nicholas R. Moore 1813–1815 DemocraticRepublican
Alexander C. Hanson 1813–1816 Federalist
William Pinkney 1815–1816 DemocraticRepublican
George Baer, Jr. 1815–1817 Federalist
John C. Herbert 1815–1819 Federalist
George Peter 1816–1819 Federalist
Samuel Smith 1816–1822 DemocraticRepublican
Peter Little 1816–1823 DemocraticRepublican
Philip Reed 1817–1819 DemocraticRepublican
Samuel Ringgold 1817–1821 DemocraticRepublican
Thomas Culbreth 1817–1821 DemocraticRepublican
Thomas Bayly 1817–1823 Federalist
Henry R. Warfield 1819–1821 DemocraticRepublican
Stevenson Archer 1819–1821 DemocraticRepublican
Raphael Neale 1819–1825 Federalist
Joseph Kent 1819–1825 DemocraticRepublican
Jeremiah Cosden 1821–1822 DemocraticRepublican
Henry R. Warfield 1821–1823 DemocraticRepublican
John Nelson 1821–1823 DemocraticRepublican
Robert Wright 1821–1823 DemocraticRepublican
Philip Reed 1822–1823 DemocraticRepublican
Isaac McKim 1823 DemocraticRepublican
Henry R. Warfield 1823–1825 Federalist
John Lee 1823–1825 Federalist
Peter Little 1823–1825 Jacksonian
Isaac McKim 1823–1825 Jacksonian
George E. Mitchell 1823–1825 Jacksonian
William Hayward, Jr. 1823–1825 Jacksonian
John S. Spence 1823–1825 Jacksonian
Joseph Kent 1825–1826 Jacksonian
George Peter 1825–1827 Jacksonian
Thomas C. Worthington 1825–1827 Jacksonian
George E. Mitchell 1825–1827 Jacksonian
Robert N. Martin 1825–1827 Jacksonian
Peter Little 1825–1829 Jacksonian
John Barney 1825–1829 Jacksonian
John Leeds Kerr 1825–1829 Jacksonian
Clement Dorsey 1825–1831 Jacksonian
John C. Weems 1826–1829 Jacksonian
Michael C. Sprigg 1827–1829 Jacksonian
Levin Gale 1827–1829 Jacksonian
Ephraim King Wilson 1827–1829 Jacksonian
George Corbin Washington 1827–1833 Jacksonian
Michael C. Sprigg 1829–1831 Democratic
Elias Brown 1829–1831 Democratic
Richard Spencer 1829–1831 Democratic
Ephraim King Wilson 1829–1831 Democratic
George E. Mitchell 1829–1832 Democratic
Benedict J. Semmes 1829–1833 National Republican
Benjamin C. Howard 1829–1833 Democratic
Daniel Jenifer 1831–1833 National Republican
John T. H. Worthington 1831–1833 Democratic
John Leeds Kerr 1831–1833 National Republican
John S. Spence 1831–1833 Jacksonian
Francis Thomas 1831–1841 Democratic
Charles S. Sewall 1832–1833 Democratic
Littleton P. Dennis 1833–1834 Jacksonian
Richard B. Carmichael 1833–1835 Democratic
James P. Heath 1833–1835 Democratic
William Cost Johnson 1833–1835 Jacksonian
John T. Stoddert 1833–1835 Democratic
James Turner 1833–1837 Democratic
Isaac McKim 1833–1838 Democratic
John N. Steele 1834–1837 Jacksonian
James A. Pearce 1835–1837 National Republican
George C. Washington 1835–1837 Jacksonian
Daniel Jenifer 1835–1837 National Republican
Benjamin C. Howard 1835–1839 Democratic
James A. Pearce 1837–1839 Whig
John Dennis 1837–1841 Whig
John T. H. Worthington 1837–1841 Democratic
Daniel Jenifer 1837–1841 Whig
William C. Johnson 1837–1843 Whig
John P. Kennedy 1838–1839 Whig
Philip Thomas 1839–1841 Democratic
Solomon Hillen 1839–1841 Democratic
James Carroll 1839–1841 Democratic
James Wray Williams 1841–1842 Democratic
Isaac D. Jones 1841–1843 Whig
James A. Pearce 1841–1843 Whig
Alexander Randall 1841–1843 Whig
John T. Mason 1841–1843 Democratic
Augustus R. Sollers 1841–1843 Whig
John P. Kennedy 1841–1845 Whig
Charles S. Sewall 1843 Democratic
John M. S. Causin 1843–1845 Whig
Francis Brengle 1843–1845 Whig
John Wethered 1843–1845 Whig
Jacob A. Preston 1843–1845 Whig
Thomas A. Spence 1843–1845 Whig
Thomas J. Perry 1845–1847 Democratic
William F. Giles 1845–1847 Democratic
Albert Constable 1845–1847 Democratic
Edward H. C. Long 1845–1847 Whig
John G. Chapman 1845–1849 Whig
Thomas W. Ligon 1845–1849 Democratic
James D. Roman 1847–1849 Whig
John W. Crisfield 1847–1849 Whig
Robert Milligan McLane 1847–1851 Democratic
Alexander Evans 1847–1853 Whig
John B. Kerr 1849–1851 Whig
Richard J. Bowie 1849–1853 Whig
Edward Hammond 1849–1853 Democratic
William T. Hamilton 1849–1855 Democratic
Thomas Yates Walsh 1851–1853 Whig
Joseph S. Cottman 1851–1853 Whig
John R. Franklin 1853–1855 Whig
Jacob Shower 1853–1855 Democratic
Joshua Van Sant 1853–1855 Democratic
Henry May 1853–1855 Democratic
Augustus R. Sollers 1853–1855 Whig
Henry William Hoffman 1855–1857 American
James B. Ricaud 1855–1859 American
Thomas F. Bowie 1855–1859 Democratic
James A. Stewart 1855–1861 Democratic
J. Morrison Harris 1855–1861 American
Henry Winter Davis 1855–1861 American
Jacob Michael Kunkel 1857–1861 Democratic
Edwin H. Webster 1859–1861 American
George W. Hughes 1859–1861 Democratic
John W. Crisfield 1861–1863 Unionist
Edwin H. Webster 1861–1863 Unionist
Cornelius Leary 1861–1863 Unionist
Henry May 1861–1863 Unionist
Francis Thomas 1861–1863 Unionist
Charles Benedict Calvert 1861–1863 Unionist
John A. J. Creswell 1863–1865 Republican
Edwin H. Webster 1863–1865 Unconditional Unionist
Henry Winter Davis 1863–1865 Unconditional Unionist
Francis Thomas 1863–1867 Unconditional Unionist
Benjamin G. Harris 1863–1867 Democratic
Charles E. Phelps 1865–1867 Unconditional Unionist
John L. Thomas, Jr. 1865–1867 Unconditional Unionist
Hiram McCullough 1865–1869 Democratic
Charles E. Phelps 1867–1869 Conservative
Francis Thomas 1867–1869 Republican
Frederick Stone 1867–1871 Democratic
Stevenson Archer 1867–1875 Democratic
Patrick Hamill 1869–1871 Democratic
Samuel Hambleton 1869–1873 Democratic
Thomas Swann 1869–1879 Democratic
John Ritchie 1871–1873 Democratic
William M. Merrick 1871–1873 Democratic
Ephraim King Wilson II 1873–1875 Democratic
William J. Albert 1873–1875 Republican
Lloyd Lowndes, Jr. 1873–1875 Republican
William J. O'Brien 1873–1877 Democratic
Philip Thomas 1875–1877 Democratic
Charles B. Roberts 1875–1879 Democratic
William Walsh 1875–1879 Democratic
Eli J. Henkle 1875–1881 Democratic
Daniel M. Henry 1877–1881 Democratic
William Kimmel 1877–1881 Democratic
Robert Milligan McLane 1879–1883 Democratic
Milton G. Urner 1879–1883 Republican
J. Frederick C. Talbott 1879–1885 Democratic
Andrew G. Chapman 1881–1883 Democratic
George W. Covington 1881–1885 Democratic
Fetter Hoblitzell 1881–1885 Democratic
Hart B. Holton 1883–1885 Republican
John Van Lear Findlay 1883–1887 Democratic
Louis E. McComas 1883–1891 Republican
William H. Cole 1885–1886 Democratic
Frank T. Shaw 1885–1889 Democratic
Barnes Compton 1885–1890 Democratic
Charles H. Gibson 1885–1891 Democratic
Harry W. Rusk 1886–1897 Democratic
Isidor Rayner 1887–1889 Democratic
Henry Stockbridge, Jr. 1889–1891 Republican
Herman Stump 1889–1893 Democratic
Sydney Emanuel Mudd I 1890–1891 Republican
Henry Page 1891–1892 Democratic
Barnes Compton 1891–1894 Democratic
Isidor Rayner 1891–1895 Democratic
William M. McKaig 1891–1895 Democratic
John B. Brown 1892–1893 Democratic
Robert F. Bratton 1893–1894 Democratic
J. Frederick C. Talbott 1893–1895 Democratic
Winder L. Henry 1894–1895 Democratic
Charles E. Coffin 1894–1897 Republican
Joshua W. Miles 1895–1897 Democratic
John K. Cowen 1895–1897 Democratic
George L. Wellington 1895–1897 Republican
William Benjamin Baker 1895–1901 Republican
Isaac A. Barber 1897–1899 Republican
William S. Booze 1897–1899 Republican
William W. McIntire 1897–1899 Republican
John McDonald 1897–1899 Republican
Sydney Emanuel Mudd I 1897–1911 Republican
John Walter Smith 1899–1900 Democratic
James W. Denny 1899–1901 Democratic
Frank C. Wachter 1899–1907 Republican
George A. Pearre 1899–1911 Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from Maryland
Party Total
     Democratic 55
     Republican 33
Total Representatives 88
Representatives to the U.S. House from Maryland
Representative Years Served Party
Josiah L. Kerr 1900–1901 Republican
Albert Blakeney 1901–1903 Republican
Charles R. Schirm 1901–1903 Republican
William Humphreys Jackson 1901–1905 Republican
James W. Denny 1903–1905 Democratic
J. Frederick C. Talbott 1903–1918 Democratic
Thomas A. Smith 1905–1907 Democratic
John Gill, Jr. 1905–1911 Democratic
William Humphreys Jackson 1907–1909 Republican
Harry B. Wolf 1907–1909 Democratic
John Kronmiller 1909–1911 Republican
J. Harry Covington 1909–1914 Democratic
George Konig 1911–1913 Democratic
Thomas Parran, Sr. 1911–1913 Republican
David J. Lewis 1911–1917 Democratic
J. Charles Linthicum 1911–1932 Democratic
Frank Owens Smith 1913–1915 Democratic
Charles P. Coady 1913–1921 Democratic
Jesse D. Price 1914–1919 Democratic
Sydney Emanuel Mudd II 1915–1924 Republican
Frederick N. Zihlman 1917–1931 Republican
Carville D. Benson 1918–1921 Democratic
William N. Andrews 1919–1921 Republican
Albert A. Blakeney 1921–1923 Republican
John P. Hill 1921–1927 Republican
T. Alan Goldsborough 1921–1939 Democratic
Millard Tydings 1923–1927 Democratic
Stephen W. Gambrill 1924–1938 Democratic
William P. Cole, Jr. 1927–1929 Democratic
Vincent L. Palmisano 1927–1939 Democratic
Linwood L. Clark 1929–1931 Republican
David J. Lewis 1931–1939 Democratic
William P. Cole, Jr. 1931–1942 Democratic
Ambrose J. Kennedy 1932–1941 Democratic
William D. Byron 1939–1941 Democratic
David J. Ward 1939–1945 Democratic
Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr. 1939–1947 Democratic
Lansdale G. Sasscer 1939–1953 Democratic
John A. Meyer 1941–1943 Democratic
Katharine E. Byron 1941–1943 Democratic
Daniel Ellison 1943–1945 Republican
H. Streett Baldwin 1943–1947 Democratic
J. Glenn Beall 1943–1953 Republican
Dudley Roe 1945–1947 Democratic
George Hyde Fallon 1945–1971 Democratic
Hugh A. Meade 1947–1949 Democratic
Edward T. Miller 1947–1959 Republican
Edward Garmatz 1947–1973 Democratic
William P. Bolton 1949–1951 Democratic
James P. Devereux 1951–1959 Republican
Frank Small, Jr. 1953–1955 Republican
DeWitt S. Hyde 1953–1959 Republican
Samuel Friedel 1953–1971 Democratic
Richard E. Lankford 1955–1965 Democratic
John R. Foley 1959–1961 Democratic
Thomas F. Johnson 1959–1963 Democratic
Daniel B. Brewster 1959–1963 Democratic
Charles Mathias, Jr. 1961–1969 Republican
Carlton R. Sickles 1963–1967 Democratic
Rogers Morton 1963–1971 Republican
Clarence Long 1963–1985 Democratic
Hervey G. Machen 1965–1969 Democratic
Gilbert Gude 1967–1977 Republican
J. Glenn Beall, Jr. 1969–1971 Republican
Lawrence Hogan 1969–1975 Republican
William O. Mills 1971–1973 Republican
Paul Sarbanes 1971–1977 Democratic
Goodloe Byron 1971–1978 Democratic
Parren Mitchell 1971–1987 Democratic
Robert Bauman 1973–1981 Republican
Marjorie Holt 1973–1987 Republican
Gladys Spellman 1975–1981 Democratic
Newton Steers 1977–1979 Republican
Barbara Mikulski 1977–1987 Democratic
Michael D. Barnes 1979–1987 Democratic
Beverly Byron 1979–1993 Democratic
Roy Dyson 1981–1991 Democratic
Steny Hoyer 1981–present Democratic
Helen Bentley 1985–1995 Republican
C. Thomas McMillen 1987–1993 Democratic
Kweisi Mfume 1987–1996 Democratic
Connie Morella 1987–2003 Republican
Ben Cardin 1987–2007 Democratic
Wayne Gilchrest 1991–2009 Republican
Albert Wynn 1993–2008 Democratic
Roscoe Bartlett 1993–2013 Republican
Robert L. Ehrlich 1995–2003 Republican
Elijah Cummings 1996–present Democratic
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from Maryland
Party Total
     Democratic 6
     Republican 1
Total Representatives 7
Representatives to the U.S. House from Maryland
Representative Years Served Party
Dutch Ruppersberger 2003–present Democratic
Chris Van Hollen 2003–present Democratic
John Sarbanes 2007–present Democratic
Donna Edwards 2008–present Democratic
Frank Kratovil 2009–2011 Democratic
Andrew P. Harris 2011–present Republican
John Delaney 2013–present Democratic

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