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List of United States Senators from Connecticut

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Connecticut was admitted as the 5th state to the United States of America on January 9, 1788. As of 2011, a total of 56 individuals have represented Connecticut in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Connecticut are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Connecticut.

Historical Representation to the US Senate by Party from Connecticut
Party Total
     Democratic 16
     Republican 20
     Independent 1
     Pro-Admin 3
     Federalist 7
     Jacksonian 1
     Anti-Jacksonian 4
     Whig 4
     Free Soil 1
Total Senators 57
Class 1 Senators from Connecticut
Senator Years Served Party
Oliver Ellsworth 1789-1796 Pro-Admin, Federalist
James Hillhouse 1796-1810 Federalist
Samuel W. Dana 1810-1821 Federalist
Elijah Boardman 1821-1823 Republican
Henry W. Edwards 1823-1827 Jacksonian
Samuel A. Foot 1827-1833 Adams, Anti-Jacksonian
Nathan Smith 1833-1835 Anti-Jacksonian
John M. Niles 1835-1839 Democratic
Thaddeus Betts 1839-1840 Whig
Jabez W. Huntington 1840-1847 Whig
Roger S. Baldwin 1847-1851 Whig
Isaac Toucey 1852-1857 Democratic
James Dixon 1857-1869 Republican
William A. Buckingham 1869-1875 Republican
William W. Eaton 1875-1881 Democratic
Joseph R. Hawley 1881-1905 Republican
Morgan G. Bulkeley 1905-1911 Republican
George P. McLean 1911-1929 Republican
Frederic C. Walcott 1929-1935 Republican
Francis T. Maloney 1935-1945 Democratic
Thomas C. Hart 1945-1946 Republican
Raymond E. Baldwin 1946-1949 Republican
William Benton 1949-1953 Democratic
William A. Purtell 1953-1959 Republican
Thomas J. Dodd 1959-1971 Democratic
Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. 1971-1989 Republican
Joe Lieberman 1989-2013 Independent
Christopher S. Murphy 2013-present Democratic
Class 3 Senators from Connecticut
Senator Years Served Party
William S. Johnson 1789-1791 Pro-Admin
Roger Sherman 1791-1793 Pro-Admin
Stephen M. Mitchell 1793-1795 Pro-Admin
Jonathan Trumbull, Jr. 1795-1796 Federalist
Uriah Tracy 1796-1807 Federalist
Chauncey Goodrich 1807-1813 Federalist
David Daggett 1813-1819 Federalist
James Lanman 1819-1825 Republican
Calvin Willey 1825-1831 Adams, Anti-Jacksonian
Gideon Tomlinson 1831-1837 Anti-Jacksonian
Perry Smith 1837-1843 Democratic
John M. Niles 1843-1849 Democratic
Truman Smith 1849-1854 Whig
Francis Gillette 1854-1855 Free Soil
Lafayette S. Foster 1855-1867 Republican
Orris S. Ferry 1867-1875 Republican
James E. English 1875-1876 Democratic
William H. Barnum 1876-1879 Democratic
Orville H. Platt 1879-1905 Republican
Frank B. Brandegee 1905-1924 Republican
Hiram Bingham 1924-1933 Republican
Augustine Lonergan 1933-1939 Democratic
John A. Danaher 1939-1945 Republican
Brien McMahon 1945-1952 Democratic
William A. Purtell 1952-1952 Republican
Prescott S. Bush 1952-1963 Republican
Abraham A. Ribicoff 1963-1981 Democratic
Christopher J. Dodd 1981-2011 Democratic
Richard Blumenthal 2011-Present Democratic

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