List of United States Senators from Virginia

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Virginia was admitted as the 10th state to the United States of America on June 25, 1788. As of 2013, a total of 60 individuals have represented Virginia in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Virginia are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Virginia.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Virginia
Party Total
     Democratic 22
     Republican 23
     Anti-Admin 4
     Pro-Admin 1
     Jacksonian 4
     Whig 2
     Unionist 3
     Anti-Jackson 1
Total Senators 60
Class 1 Senators from Virginia
Senator Years Served Party
William Grayson 1789-1790 ANTI-ADMIN
John Walker 1790-1790 PRO-ADMIN
James Monroe 1790-1794 ANTI-ADMIN
Stevens T. Mason 1794-1803 Republican
John Taylor 1803-1803 Republican
Abraham B. Venable 1803-1804 Republican
William B. Giles 1804-1804 Republican
Andrew Moore 1804-1809 Republican
Richard Brent 1809-1814 Republican
James Barbour 1815-1825 Republican
John Randolph 1825-1827 Jacksonian
John Tyler 1827-1836 Jacksonian
William C. Rives 1836-1839 Democratic
William C. Rives 1841-1845 Whig
Isaac S. Pennybacker 1845-1847 Democratic
James M. Mason 1847-1861 Democratic
Waitman T. Willey 1861-1863 Unionist
Lemuel J. Bowden 1863-1864 Unionist
John F. Lewis 1870-1875 Republican
Robert E. Withers 1875-1881 Democratic
William Mahone 1881-1887 Republican
John W. Daniel 1887-1910 Democratic
Claude A. Swanson 1910-1933 Democratic
Harry Flood Byrd 1933-1965 Democratic
Harry Flood Byrd, Jr. 1965-1983 Democratic
Paul S. Trible, Jr. 1983-1989 Republican
Charles S. Robb 1989-2001 Democratic
George F. Allen 2001-2007 Republican
Jim Webb 2007-2013 Democratic
Tim Kaine 2013-Present Democratic
Class 2 Senators from Virginia
Senator Years Served Party
Richard Henry Lee 1789-1792 ANTI-ADMIN
John Taylor 1792-1794 ANTI-ADMIN
Henry Tazewell 1794-1799 Republican
Wilson C. Nicholas 1799-1804 Republican
Andrew Moore 1804-1804 Republican
William B. Giles 1804-1815 Republican
Armistead T. Mason 1816-1817 Republican
John W. Eppes 1817-1819 Republican
James Pleasants 1819-1822 Republican
John Taylor 1822-1824 Republican
Littleton W. Tazewell 1824-1832 Jacksonian
William C. Rives 1832-1834 Jacksonian
Benjamin W. Leigh 1834-1836 Anti-Jackson
Richard E. Parker 1836-1837 Democratic
William H. Roane 1837-1841 Democratic
William S. Archer 1841-1847 Whig
Robert M. T. Hunter 1847-1861 Democratic
John S. Carlile 1861-1865 Unionist
John W. Johnston 1870-1883 Democratic
Harrison H. Riddleberger 1883-1889 Republican
John S. Barbour, Jr. 1889-1892 Democratic
Eppa Hunton 1892-1895 Democratic
Thomas S. Martin 1895-1919 Democratic
Carter Glass 1920-1946 Democratic
Thomas G. Burch 1946-1946 Democratic
A. Willis Robertson 1946-1966 Democratic
William B. Spong, Jr. 1966-1973 Democratic
William L. Scott 1973-1979 Republican
John W. Warner 1979-2009 Republican
Mark Warner 2009-Present Republican

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