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There are many transparency websites currently in the United States. Those that are highlighted in blue are maintained by the government.

State Transparency Website Creator Information Provided
Alabama Open Gov State of Alabama Contract and grant information, budget information, state salaries.
Alaska Alaska Checkbook State of Alaska State expenditures > $1,000
Arizona Arizona Distributions Arizona State Treasurer Expenditures by State Treasurer
K-12 Funding Index Goldwater Institute School funding information
Arkansas Office of Budget Alabama's Office of Budget Budget information
California California School Finder State of CA & Just For Kids K-12 school transparency
Department of General Services State of California Contract information.
California spending data California Reporting Transparency Spending information.
California public schools database State of California Information on California public schools
EBudget State of California Budget information
Colorado Transparency Online Project State of Colorado Budget and contract information. Detailed tracking of spending
Colorado Spending Transparency Independence Institute Blog discussing CO spending issues
School Choice for Kids Independence Institute Information on Colorado school choice
School Accountability Reports Independence Institute School accountability information
Connecticut Governor's Office State of Connecticut Budget Information
Delaware Budget Development State of Delaware Budget Information
Florida Florida's Checkbook State of Florida Budget and contract information. Local spending information
Georgia Open Georgia State of Georgia Expenditures, financial reports, performance reports
Georgia Report Card for Parents Georgia Public Policy Foundation School information including funding and test scores
Hawaii Official Website of Hawaii State of Hawaii Budget information
Hawaii Sunshine Grassroot Institute State expenditures
Hawaii Votes Grassroot Institute Legislative transparency
Idaho Legislature of Idaho State of Idaho Budget information
Illinois Illinois Open Book Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes State contracts & campaign contributions
Illinois Comptroller State of Illinois Contract and grant information. Budget information.
For The Good of Illinois (dead link) For The Good of Illinois School budgets online
Indiana Active Contracts State of Indiana Contract and grant information
Indiana Budget Agency State of Indiana Budget information
Iowa Iowa Transparency Public Interest Institute Legislative transparency
Kansas KanView State of Kansas Revenues, expenditures, debt
Kansas Votes Flint Hills Center for Public Policy Legislative transparency
Kentucky Check It Out Kentucky Kentucky Sec of State Trey Grayson State checkbook
Freedom Kentucky Wiki site with school choice, pension reform, transparency information
Kentucky Votes Bluegrass Institute Legislative transparency
Louisiana LA Trac Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal State expenditures
Maine Maine Open Government (dead link) Maine Heritage Policy Center State expenditures
Maryland Department of Budget and Management State of Maryland Budget and contract information
Michigan Mi Transparency State of Michigan State expenditures
Michigan Transparency Mackinac Center for Public Policy State expenditures, some school expenditures
Michigan Votes Mackinac Center for Public Policy Legislative transparency
Minnesota Management and Budget State of Minnesota Budget information. Contract information. Spending information. State project information.
Mississippi Mississippi Management and Reporting System State of Mississippi Budget information. Contract information.
Missouri Missouri Accountability Portal State of Missouri State expenditures, economic tax credits, salaries, contract information.
Show Me Living Show-Me Institute Licensing information, tax rates, school funding/performance
Montana Office of Budget and Planning State of Montana Budget information.
Schools Open Montana Montana Policy Institute K-12 school transparency
Nebraska Nebraska Spending State Treasurer Shane Osborn State revenues and expenditures
Unicameral Votes Platte Institute for Economic Research Legislative transparency
Nevada Nevada Open Government (dead link) State of Nevada, Gov. Jim Gibbons State expenditures and budgets
Transparent Nevada Nevada Policy Research Institute State, city, county contracts, lobbying, salaries, budgets
New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services State of New Hampshire Budget information.
New Jersey Treasury Department State of New Jersey Budget information.
New Mexico Budget Division (dead link) State of New Mexico Budget information
New Mexico Votes Rio Grande Foundation Legislative transparency
New York Sunlight New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Campaign finance, legislation, lobbying, contracts
Open Book State of New York Budget information. Contract information. Local government spending.
See Through New York Empire Center for New York State Policy State & local payrolls, contracts, expenditures
North Carolina Open Book State of North Carolina Contract and grant information.
Office of Budget and Management State of North Carolina Budget information.
State Board of Elections State of North Carolina Campaign finance reports.
Department of Secretary of State State of North Carolina Lobbyist directory.
General Assembly of North Carolina State of North Carolina Legislation information.
North Dakota OMB: Financial Management Division State of North Dakota Budget information.
OMB Transparency State of North Dakota State expenditures
Sunshine On Schools North Dakota Policy Council K-12 school transparency
Ohio Office of Budget and Management State of Ohio Budget information.
Ohio Sunshine (dead link) Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions Open Source for Ohio state, city, county, school transparency information
Oklahoma Oklahoma Open Books State of Oklahoma State budget, revenues, spending
Oregon Budget and Management (dead link) State of Oregon Budget information
Oregon Transparency State of Oregon Budget information, state expenditures, payroll, and revenues
Open Books Project Foundations For A Better Oregon Local schools information.
Pennsylvania Office of Budget State of Pennsylvania Budget information.
Pennsylvania E-Contracts State Treasurer Robert McCord State contracts
Pennsylvania votes Commonwealth Foundation Legislative information.
Pennsylvania School Board Transparency Fred Baldwin & The Commonwealth Foundation School board and union contract negotiation information
Rhode Island Rhode Island Treasury Online Checkbook RI State Treasurer Frank T. Caprio State expenditures
Rhode Island Votes Ocean State Policy Research Institute Legislative transparency
Transparency Train Ocean State Policy Research Institute State, city, school financial data, campaign donor transparency
The Money Trail RISC Foundation State, city & school budgets, payrolls, and contracts
South Carolina South Carolina Spending Transparency State of South Carolina State spending including travel, contractual services, and supplies
Local government spending transparency (dead link) State of South Carolina Local government spending information.
South Dakota Open South Dakota State of South Dakota State spending, current salaries of individual state employees, financial documents, vendor information, & job listing.
Tennessee Tennessee Open Gov State of Tennessee
Gov. Phil Bredesen
State expenses like vendor payments, salaries, travel reimbursements
Tennessee Votes Tennessee Center for Policy Research Legislative transparency
Texas Where The Money Goes State of Texas Comptroller Susan Combs State expenditures
Texas Budget Source Texas Public Policy Foundation State, local, school spending & budgets
Chron database (dead link) The Houston Chronicle State employee salaries.
Utah Transparent Utah State of Utah Budget and contract information.
Vermont Vermont Transparency Ethan Allen Institute and the Public Assets Institute Spending information. Employee salary information. Local government spending information.
Virginia Commonwealth Data Point State of Virginia State revenues, expenditures, budget
Washington Washington State Fiscal Information State of Washington State budgets, revenues, expenditures, staff
General Administration (dead link) State of Washington Contract information.
West Virginia 79th Legislature State of West Virginia Legislative information and grant information.
The Budget Office State of West Virginia Budget information.
Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of the Administration State of Wisconsin Budget information.
Wyoming Transparency in Wyoming Government State of Wyoming Budget and contract information.