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Local Illinois resident seeks to place concealed carry measure on 2012 ballot

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August 30, 2011


SPRINGFIELD, Illinois: A local resident in Pike County is petitioning to allow for residents to carry concealed weapons. Illinois is the only state, after Wisconsin's carry law takes effect this fall, that does not have State level legislation which address concealed weapons and permits needed to carry. The man behind the petition, Dan Mefford, noted that he was taking the issue into local hands as it seemed the State government would not get around to passing any sort of legislation. A law had been proposed in the Illinois house, but failed to get the super majority needed to pass.[1] The petitioners are aiming for the March 2012 ballot, they need to collect 528 valid signatures for the petition to be approved. By August 28, petitioners noted that they were halfway to their goal of 1,000 signatures, taking in to account a margin of invalid signatures. While Mefford notes that his petition seeks to have no rules for gun carry, just what is laid out in the constitution, that does not mean guns can still be regulated within the county.[2] If this measure is successful, it would take the issue out of the hands of Chicago politicians who mostly have been opposed to the idea.[3]

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