Local Nebraska attorney initiates marijuana petition drive

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June 2, 2011


By Bailey Ludlam

LINCOLN, Nebraska: Another initiative was added to the growing list of proposed marijuana measures for the 2012 ballot this week. On May 31, 2011 Frank Shoemaker, a McCook attorney, filed initiative language with the Nebraska Secretary of State.[1]

The measure seeks to "to remove all laws regulating the private noncommercial use of cannabis, also known as marijuana." Additionally, the measure would repeal laws governing private growing, harvesting, transfer and consumption of marijuana. It also seeks to regulate and tax commercial use.[1]

A similar marijuana measure was also proposed for the 2012 ballot. Together with a group called "Patients Out of Time" Ralph Smith, a Louisville attorney, began a petition drive in 2010.[1]

In order to qualify the proposed constitutional amendment, supporters are required to collect valid signatures from a minimum of 10 percent of registered voters. The deadline to submit signatures for the 2012 ballot in Nebraska is July 6, 2012.[2]

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