Local elections today in Michigan, Missouri and Ohio

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August 2, 2011

Three states - Michigan, Missouri and Ohio - are conducting local elections today, August 2.

Michigan has listed a total of 15 counties that have provided online information on their local elections. All of the issues being voted on are tax or bond questions, 31 total measures are listed. Of those, 7 are school bond or tax issues and the other 24 are city or county levy and bond issues.

At least one notable issue will appear on the ballot in Michigan - Troy City Library Levy Increase measure. Both opposition and support have come out strong during the length of the ballot measure; significantly opposition stated that closing the library would mean that they would be able to burn the books.

Missouri posted less information on their website about today's local elections; only 7 counties have posted information. Six measures total will be voted on, 2 of those measures are school issues. The other measures include various tax issues and a sewer bond measure.

Ohio has a total 15 counties listed with online election information. Though fewer measures than Michigan, a total of 26 measures are listed on the ballots. Nineteen of them deal with school bond and tax issues. Many of the school measures are repeated tries by the different districts, hoping voters will change their minds and approve the different school projects. The remaining 7 measures deal with city and district property taxes and one rezoning question.

Results to these elections will be posted as soon as results are given by the counties!

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