Lorain City Income Tax Reduction (November 2010)

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A Lorain City Income Tax Reduction measure was on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the city of Lorain, which is in Lorain County.

This measure was approved

  • YES 9,040 (54.32%)Approveda
  • NO 7,602 (45.68%)[1]

This measure asked voters if they wanted to keep the new reduced income credit rate or return it to the previous amount. City officials lowered the tax income credit rate from 2 to 1 percent. A vote in favor of this measure will return the credit rate back to the 2 percent amount. Local residents felt that if the rate stayed at the lowered rate they may have to seek jobs outside the city and in the end pay more for traveling.[2] Petitioners turned in enough signatures to validate this measure for the November ballot.[3]

Opponents believed that the reduced rate was better for the city, taxes generate near $1.5 million for the city now, and raising it back would have lent to budget issues for the city.[4] A recent letter sent to the city, noted that the city could end up paying more to residents if this measure is approved. The letter was to file a complaint about the measure, but the county decided that nothing could be done about the complaint.[5]

The city has noted that it cannot spend money to campaign against this measure, the law would prohibit influencing the vote either way. Though the City council noted that it did support a defeat of the measure in order to keep finances stable in the city.[6]