Los Alamos County, New Mexico

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Los Alamos County is one of 33 counties in New Mexico. As of 2000, its population was 18,343. The county was administered exclusively by the U.S. federal government during the Manhattan Project, but now has equal status to New Mexico's other counties. The seat of the county is at the town of Los Alamos. The county is home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Website evaluation

Transparency Grade
Meetings Y
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Elected Officials Y
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Administrative Officials Y
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Permits, zoning Y
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Contracts P
Public records
Local taxes
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Transparency grading process

This website was last evaluated in March 2014.

The good

  • The current fiscal year budget is available, as well as the budget for the prior fiscal year. In addition, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are available for fiscal years 2011, 2012 and 2013. The county's checkbook register is also available.[1][2]
  • Agendas and meeting minutes are available for council meetings. In some cases, video and audio files are also available.[3]
  • Information regarding elected county council members is available, including term expiration dates and email addresses.[4]
  • Information regarding county administrators is available, including email addresses.[5]
  • Information regarding building and zoning permits is available, including application forms.[6]
  • Independent auditor's reports are included in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.[1]
  • Current requests for proposals or bids are available for review.[7]
  • The county publishes its current contract for lobbying services.[8]
  • Information pertaining to the public records request process is available, including contact information.[9]
  • Information regarding property tax rates and payment options is available.[10][11]

The bad

  • Information pertaining to awarded bids and contracts for purchases over $10,000 does not appear to be available electronically, although the website does note that all awarded contracts are on file in the clerk's office.[8]

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